A Bicycle Rental Shop in Town!


Pascal and Laurence just opened ‘e.véloc’ on rue du Pont.

A Bicycle Rental Shop in Town!

Their bicycle rental shop has regular bicycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters.  


La Charité-sur-Loire is an ideal base to explore the surrounding area and to take advantage of the Loire à Vélo. The Loire à Vélo is an 800km bicycle route that goes from Nevers to the Atlantic.                                               


The Loire à Vélo by La Charité-sur-Loire connects you to many charming villages as you cycle along the Loire River.


e.véloc offers rentals from one hour to one day and more.  If you are travelling by bicycle and wish to stop in La Charité-sur-Loire e.véloc will store your bicycle and luggage for you.                                 


Contact Pascal and Laurence by phone +33 (0) 3 86 61 49 89 or by e-mail [email protected]   Pascal and Laurence tell us that they will soon have a website.

Enjoy your bicycle ride!                                     


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