La Goguette de l'île


La Goguette de l'île is open all summer.

La Goguette de l'île

It is right across from the camping ground in La Charité-sur-Loire.


La goguette is an old word dating back a few centuries. It means a group of people who get together to have fun and sing. La Goguette is open all day everyday during the summer.

About twenty friends started La Goguette this summer and they all enjoy music and the island Faubourg in the Loire River which is part of La Charité-sur-Loire. You can order lunch, a light snack, a drink or dinner.


In the evenings they have different concerts during the week. All seating is outside, so it is a perfect spot to relax in the summer.

You can find La Goguette on Facebook and the list of the upcoming concerts. Enjoy your summer!


Thoughts of food. About a week ago I made the steamed squid with garlic, lemon and parsley recipe from The Provence Cookbook by Patricia Wells. You steam the squid for just under two minutes. Then marinate the rings overnight in lemon juice and zest, garlic, olive oil, parsley. It makes a delicious summer meal with a salad. We love simple meals in the summer.