Rue du Pont


Come and see the lively area of town in rue du Pont!

Rue du Pont

You will find lovely cafés to meet up with friends. 



Bars for sitting and having a relaxing drink.  







Boutiques and art galleries to browse and pick up one of a kind gifts. 




 Or perhaps something for you! 


An excellent wine shop where the owner knows all the wines of France.




Hairs salons. A creative florist. 




Restaurants for lunch or dinner with delicious menus. During the summer you will find music in the streets.  Make a date to meet up with friends on rue du Pont!                                     


Thoughts of food. We have a new favourite summer dessert - Soupe de fraises à la menthe. Strawberries, fresh lemon juice, sugar and fresh mint. So simple and so delicious! Perhaps some tuiles aux amandes on the side?