What a View!


Byron was given a wonderful opportunity to climb up to the top of the church a few days ago.

What a View!

The church roof will be under renovation for about 20 months.  Byron, along with a group of others was led on an architectural tour to the top of the church.  I stayed behind as I prefer to have my feet firmly on the ground. Though I do like the photos!  


This is a view of the back of our house where you can see our tower.

                                              DSC_5412.jpg#asset:1448                                           DSC_5412a.jpg#asset:1447   

The views of town were amazing.

              DSC_5418.jpg#asset:1449                            DSC_5397.jpg#asset:1450

For those of you who have stayed in our Grande Rue vacation rentals, here is a view looking from above

DSC_5393.jpg#asset:1451           DSC_5393a.jpg#asset:1453

Byron had a good chance to see the statuary and restoration work up close.


It is breathtaking to see all the different roof tops and to see so far in the distance.  


It was a long climb up and Byron enjoyed every minute!


Thoughts of food. One of my go to recipes during the winter is Canadian pea soup. My recipe is a bit different than my mother and grandmother's recipe but the base is still the same. Yellow split peas, a ham hock, bay leaf, carrots, onions, chicken stock and let it slowly cook for about two hours. The kitchen smells delicious and the soup warms you up.  Enjoy with fresh bread.